• Nugget Cambell
  • Strong 50 x 25 mm RHS chassis with adjustable wheel alignment.
  • Australian Motorcyclist roadtest
  • Billet hub with radial drilled and vented disc. Hard coat anodized calliper with stainless steel piston and liner.
  • Displayed by Moto Guzzi behind the Norge at Sydney Bike Show for the Australian release of the Norge
  • Billet master cylinder
  • Airbrush specialist
  • Hub, brake and suspension
  • Graeme Clarke
  • Spider on a Spyder
  • Jeff Shepherds Spyder
  • Swoop graphic
  • Terry Neumann. Flinders Hwy Westward This trailer is now on its 4th trip around Australia replaced only wheel bearings and tyres

Performance Trailers are built tough and  designed to be the best handling safest towing trailer on the road.

 We are not  interested in cutting corners or using off-shore manufacturers to compete with other companies offering cheap alternatives.  We proudly build in Australia with Australian components.

Featuring Ikon coil sprung shock absorbers with rising rate coil springs with adjustable pre load and damping and fully rebuild-able. The chassis is fitted with a spring loaded kick down front stand for use when the trailer is not attached to the bike.

The Rally has a very low centre of gravity for extra stability, independent suspension, coil springs and shock absorbers for a smooth steady tow and self applying hydraulic disc brakes for quick stopping with no pushing or lock- ups.

The new fibreglass body and chassis is light but very strong. With the braking and suspension system the Rally can be towed safely by bikes from 500cc.

Although very roomy at 600 litre capacity but with a tare weight of only 80 kg the Rally tows much better behind smaller bikes than lighter trailers which use leaf springs or rubber torsion bar suspension.  The body comes painted to colour match your bike, or you can have it further personalized with stripes or airbrushed scenes and graphics.

Dimensions;                                                                               Cargo area; Length- 1500 mm

Width-1000 mm

Depth rear-600 mm

Depth front- 460 mm

Width between wheel arches- 460 mm

Capacity- approx. 600 litres

Overall size;                                                                               Length- 2300 mm

Height- 800 mm

Width- 1000 mm

Ground clearance;                                                                                   200 mm

                                                                                                Weight 80 kg   Load capacity 120kg


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