At Performance Trailers we endeavour to produce the best Quality, best towing trailer possible.

Performance trailers are the perfect trailer for bikes, trikes, sports cars and are suitable for all small cars.

I have been the market leader in offering many safety innovations including adjustable independent suspension, coil sprung shock absorbers and most importantly brakes as standard equipment on motorbike trailers. Rider safety is improved dramatically with the above combination.

We have designed and built the new model Performance Trailers “Aero FX Rally” to be the best small trailer on the road. To do this I have combined years of testing and design experience, innovative chassis design, high quality Australian made components a very low unsprung to sprung weight ratio, low centre of gravity and I have rigorously road tested all engineering concepts.

Performance trailers are NOT scaled down car box trailers, they have been specifically designed to be towed safely by bikes and trikes. They surpass other trailers by giving superior handling and road holding ability, fuel efficient aerodynamic styling, smooth ride and effective braking.

The ‘Aero FX Rally’ offers an attractive, smooth towing, superior handling trailer with a super strong chassis design and a strong but light fuel efficient aerodynamic fibreglass body which is waterproof, dustproof and secure .


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