• Current model. Shaping is the key to strength and style. This new model has strength shaping in the lid and the chassis has been change to allow a deeper floor for more room.
  • Current model. Aerodynamic shaping adds strength without weight and conserves fuel
  • Photo courtesy : Australian Motorcyclist Magazine from Trailers Feature in January 2014 issue. Rob on the old Pacific Hwy near Gosford.
  • Air brushed graphics to personalise your trailer
  • The Emu trailer. Top view of previous slide
  • Nugget Campbell. Note the trailer in the background
  • Gino Favaro. Fuel drum mounted on draw-bar for extended outback touring.
  • Steve Humphrey
  • Wayne (The Dog) and Lynette Culverson at 'Heatherdale' near Orange.
  • Rob O'Sullivan. On the road
  • Rob Fuller's bike and trailer.
  • Peter Finn at Moto GP. Philip Island.
  • Peter Finn's trailer after a tucker run for the campers at Moto GP
  • Ready for display behind the first release of the Moto Guzzi Norge at the Sydney bike show.
  • Garry Goddard was so happy with his early model he updated to a new model.
  • Gary Goddard
  • VT & baby.
Q. Some manufacturers recommend that their trailers are NOT to be towed empty  they need some weight in them for stability (so they will not be flipped over by cross winds), do you recommend the same?

A. Performance Trailers can be towed empty, full or anywhere in between, they have a very low centre of gravity so cross winds have little effect on them.


Q. Can your trailers be towed on gravel roads?

A. Yes, Performance Trailers are tough little trailers and have been towed behind duel purpose bikes to out of the way places for a number of years.


Q. Can your trailers be towed behind cars?

A. Yes, Performance Trailers are suitable to be towed behind cars especially sports cars and small cars with light chassis which would be damaged by a standard box trailer. They have been used for a number of years by sports car enthusiasts for this purpose and unlike box trailers have the added advantage offering secure lockable storage when the car is unattended.


Q. How long does it take from order to delivery?

A. It takes 8 weeks from order to delivery. All trailers are trimmed and pre assembled after moulding including all fittings and fitting to the chassis, they are then disassembled and painted, including any graphics required, then reassembled for delivery to the customer.