Independent suspension with IKON 7610 adjustable, shock absorbers with rising rate springs, LED lighting inside and out, 12 volt power socket, fibreglass draw bar cover, retractable sprung stand, floor carpet, security lock, stainless steel hinges, gas lid struts, finished in two-pack paint to match your bike.


At Performance Trailers we endeavour to produce the best Quality, best towing trailer possible. Combining years of testing and design experience, innovative chassis design, high quality Australian made components a very low unsprung to sprung weight ratio, and have rigorously road tested all engineering concepts. I have been the market leader in offering many safety innovations including adjustable independent suspension, coil sprung shock absorbers and most importantly brakes as standard equipment on motorbike trailers.


Strong 50 x 25 mm RHS chassis with adjustable wheel alignment. Billet hub with radial drilled and vented disc. Hard coat anodized calliper with stainless steel piston and liner. Very low centre of gravity, independent suspension, coil springs and shock absorbers, self applying hydraulic disc brakes